Introduction of Chime SparkˇG
Chime Spark was founded at 1989 in Taiwan. The producing factories of Chime Spark were located in China and Taiwan. Moreover, Chime Spark is a company which specialized in the varieties of woven Polypropylene(PP) fabric series and our current products include Geo-textile, silt fence, ground cover(weed control mats), PP woven bags, BOPP woven bags, 3-in-1 Kraft woven bags, and mesh bag etc, In addition, Other products had just been added-Polyethylene (PE) monofilament netting series and PE raschel bags. Presently, the customers who purchase our products were mainly located in America, Canada, Europe, Australia etc.


ˇ@  Geo-Textile
ˇ@  Ground Cover
ˇ@  Silt Fence
ˇ@  PP Woven Bags Series
ˇ@  Mesh bags Series

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