Woven Geo-Textile Fabrics

Chime Spark supplies many different types of PP woven Geo-Textile. Our CS series shown below is basically a woven flat tape film, and it has become an essential material for paved construction during soil problems. And this product is ideal for soil separation and stabilization control. Nevertheless, the other product, MO series, also has high tensile strength of Geo-textile. It was woven from PP monofilament yarns and it's suited for soil reinforcement and resistance to clogging. Ultimately, this woven monofilament Geo-textile is also good for long term filtration and drainage. Chime Spark offers the best quality Geo-textile for drainage, filtration, and separation applications.

   Ground Cover
   Silt Fence
   PP Woven Bags Series
   Mesh bags Series

Technical Specification


CS Type

CS Type CS Type

MO Type

MO Type

 Unit Weight (Square Yards) D5261 OZ/SY 3.25 4.42 6.48    
 Grab Tensile Strength(MDxCD) D4632 LBS 135x135 200x200 315x315 200x200 400x400
 Grab Elongation (MDxCD) D4632 % 16x16 16x16 16x16 8x8 14x14
 Puncture Strength D4833 LBS 75 100  125 120 140
 Mullen Burst D3786 PSI 265 450 650 750 1200
 Trapezoidal Tear (MDxCD) D4533 LBS 45x45 75x75 120x120 130x130 190x190
 Apparent Opening Size (AOS) D4751 U.S. Sieve 40 40 70 40 30
 Water permittivity D4491 1/sec 0.08 0.07 0.06 0.25 0.6
 Water Flow Rate (Square Feet) D4355 Gal/Min/SF 6 6 5 15 45
 UV Resistance (at 500 Hours)   % Retained 80 80 80 80 80
 Current roll width   FT

12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20

 Roll Length   FT

as requested


1. The above values are MARV (minimum average roll values)
2. The roll width will be changed according to customer's requirements
3. Can accepted the designed specification of customers

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