Silt Fence

Silt Fence:
Chime Spark offers Economical Silt Fence for contractor's non-spec grade to satisfy the environmental erosion and to control water run-off or sediment control. In addition, we will meet any requirements the customers ask for. Chime Spark can also provide silt fence that will be approved by the state D.O.T.. Beside the above two types, the silt fence of orange tree save fabric and monofilament fabric types are also available.

   Ground Cover
   Silt Fence
   PP Woven Bags Series
   Mesh bags Series

Technical Specification

D.O.T. Type
 Unit Weight (Square Yards) D5261 OZ/SY 1.62 2.1 2.95 3.2
 Grab Tensile Strength(MDxCD) D4632 LBS 55x45 65x55 105x90 124x102
 Grab Elongation (MDxCD) D4632 % 16x20 16x20 16x20 16x20
 Puncture Strength D4833 LBS 25 40 50  60
 Mullen Burst D3786 PSI     200 300
 Trapezoidal Tear (MDxCD) D4533 LBS       65x65
 Apparent Opening Size (AOS) D4751 U.S. Sieve 30 30 30 30
 Water permittivity D4491 1/sec 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
 Water Flow Rate (Square Feet) D4491 Gal/Min/SF       10
 UV Resistance (at 500 Hours)


% Retained 80 80 80 80
 Roll Length   FT 9843


4921 4921
 Current roll width   INCH 24/36


24/36/42 24/36/42

1. The above values are MARV (minimum average roll values)
2. The roll length and width can be changed according to the customer's requirement
3. Can accepted the designed specification of customers


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